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Author Topic: [HELP] KOD tips to don't get 'REJECTED'  (Read 40 times)


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[HELP] KOD tips to don't get 'REJECTED'
« on: July 16, 2015, 06:43:53 am »
Here are some tips to not get 'REJECTED' , if you want to join KOD.

1. If you leave any sort of clan, wait 1 month before applying. Don't do it just after you leave the clan, it will make you wait 1 month more .

2. Don't make multiple applications ! This will get you rejected and make you wait more months, so make one application and wait :) .

3. Be sure to know English language. If you know English badly, it may get you 'REJECTED'. Make sure you know at least 35% English language, so everyone can understand you in your application :) .

4. Make a good looking application; Don't just make it look like you wrote it with your feet.

5. Be honest/never lie in your application. If you lie, your application will be 'REJECTED' .

6. Answer all the questions! Never skip a question, it may get you 'REJECTED' .

7. Don't just make the application quickly , think for each question, and that will make you a good application, so you may get 'ACCEPTED' .

8. Never say to a KOD President/Manager/Vice-Mangers/Asst.Vice-Manager/Assistants to accept you/check your topic. Just leave your topic alone, and have fun. This will help you get 'ACCEPTED' .

9. I recommend just doing the topic as, the format only. Don't say: "Hey guys this is my KOD app" and bla bla, i don't think that's good. Just copy & paste the format and fill it in.

10. I recommend doing the titles like : "(Your name here)'s KOD Application." and nothing else.

11. Make sure you read the KOD rules & such before applying!

I hope i helped everyone that wants to apply for KOD.

This is just a topic to help you get ACCEPTED , I did it because I want to help everyone that wants to join KOD, and got rejected the first time(or not) and waited 1 month.

Thanks for reading!

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